France Clusters coordinates the Cluster Booster Track mentoring programme !


France Clusters is partnering with THE NEXT SOCIETY, an initiative co-financed by the European Union, which acts at several levels of innovation ecosystems, including clusters. In this framework, France Clusters coordinates « the Cluster Booster Track », a learning and mentoring support programme that helps cluster managers on the southern Mediterranean area (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia) to improve their skills, increase their business opportunities and open new channels for inter-cluster collaboration at national and international levels.

The Cluster Booster Track has involved 25 South Mediterranean cluster managers in various sectors (food processing, textiles, ICT, energy, materials, creative industries, tourism) and 25 mentors actors in the field ready to share their experience. The programme will end at the end of June, but already these experience-sharing events have already created personal and professional relationships that have brought immediate solutions, but also led to collaborations that will continue over time. France Clusters will once again be ready to extend this great experience if this programme is renewed.


Find out more about the Cluster Booster Track mentoring programme




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