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@Fibres Energivie acteur de la filière d’excellence de la construction

Les acteurs des industries de la construction et du bâtiment vise le statut de filière d’excellence. Un accord-cadre a été signé le 1er décembre entre le comité stratégique de filière Industries pour la construction (CSF ICP), l’Association française des industries des produits de construction (AIMCC), le Cercle Promodul, le Club de l’amélioration de l’habitat, l’institut Matériaux et [...]

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RETURN ON THE NEXT SOCIETY SHOWCASE – IMPACT CONFERENCE On November 10, the impact of THE NEXT SOCIETY and its beneficiaries was highlighted in 3 sessions: - Renewed public strategies for innovation in the region - We are THE NEXT SOCIETY" successes and partnerships created within the community - Towards a new post-Covid Mediterranean model: [...]

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THE NEXT SOCIETY IMPACT CONFERENCE on November 10th:  The Next Society is organizing an event to highlight its impact over the past 5 years. Everyone can actively participate in the event and its preparation, not only as a guest but also as an actor of this collective journey!

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@THE NEXT SOCIETY – Success of Techdays Meet up

of « Techdays Meet up ! », the the first virtual matchmaking event for EU & MENA innovators ! The first event of the series: Meet up! organised by Berytech with the support of France Clusters gathered on June 29 and 30, 2021, European and MENA participants around numerous roundtables keynote speeches and B2Bs setting the tempo of the event. TechDays are a series of [...]

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@THE NEXT SOCIETY – Check out Oasis500

Meet THE NEXT SOCIETY innovators shaping the future in Jordan! Check out Oasis500. This accelerator invests in local start-ups and has been a catalyst in developing the entrepreneurial fabric of the region. It creates occasions for entrepreneurs to build their own companies contributing to the local economy. Meet the innovators  

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Save the date : 29-30 June, online event "TECHDAYS, connecting MENA and European Innovator" with conferences on key topics for MENA and EU clusters and their members as well as collaboration opportunities with online B2B matchmaking sessions. The TechDays: EU & MENA Innovators Matchmaking Event is a NEXT SOCIETY event organised by Berytech with the support of [...]

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@THE NEXT SOCIETY – return on online training

5 cluster managers from 4 South Mediterranean clusters, involved in the activities of the "Cluster Booster Track" as part of The Next Society, have taken part in the online training provided by France Clusters on "accompanying innovative projects for start-ups and SMEs". To find out more >> This complete and diverse online training is composed of [...]

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@ THE NEXT SOCIETY – Maroc Numeric Cluster and Palestinian Stone & Marble Cluste

Let's discover Maroc Numeric Cluster and Palestinian Stone & Marble Cluster, members of "The Cluster Booster Track" coordinated by France Clusters for The Next Society. Maroc Numeric Cluster is a mixed public/private governance structure bringing together several actors working in ICT such as the Moroccan Government, large companies, SMEs, education and research operators and aid and financing organisations. Let’s [...]

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5th edition of Poster #Mapster2021 – the French clusters’ mapping

France Clusters has just published the 5th edition of  its “Mapster”,  the mapping of French clusters #Mapster 2021 includes almost 300 industrial and services clusters, representing overall 80,000 French companies and their 1,500,000 employees in all sectors and regions of France It is a unique tool created by France Clusters, which has been published [...]

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A trans-national dialogue on bio-sourced circular economy in Alpine Spaces took place at the Alpine Policy Forum

On 16 February 2021, the Alpine Policy Forum and SmartSME gathered over 100 participants. The Alpine Policy Forum is organised as part of the Interreg Alpine Spaces Project AlpLinkBioEco, of which France Clusters and the competitiveness cluster Polymeris (rubbers, plastics and composites sector, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - Bourgogne-Franche-Comté - Centre-Val de Loire - Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Pays de la Loire [...]

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