Discover our Mapster 2018 : the French cluster mapping




AlplinkBioEco : meeting in Ljubljana on 12 and 13 November

The AlplinkBioEco project consortium (co-financed by the Alpine Space INTERREG programme) groups France Clusters, Plastipolis and their partners, from Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland, met in Ljubljana on 12 and 13 November to draw [...]

The first Benchmarking Visits & Training took place in Barcelona on 19 to 23 November 2018

  Twelve representatives from clusters from North Africa and the Middle East went to Barcelona to discover best practice of Catalan clusters. This was thanks to Booster Track, the support programme of THE NEXT SOCIETY [...]

Launch of the collaborative social network i-Community

  The collaborative social network i-Community is now open. This network is an online service which offers South-Med cluster managers (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan), their teams and their EU peers, a virtual [...]

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