Our international offer of service for actors on the global scene.

Our business is to share the experience of French clusters and encourage inter-cluster networking on a global scale.

1/ We knit partnerships with our international counterparts.

2/ We take part in European projects to promote the experience of French clusters and to generate for them new international opportunities.

3/ We are at the heart of international inter-clustering.

  • We edit the field-by-field guide of French clusters.
  • We edit « MAP’STER, French Cluster Mapping », for those involved in clusters and the economy both in France and throughout Europe.
  • We organise inter-cluster gatherings and conferences,

For example:

  • we organised the meeting of French and Swedish clusters from the life sciences field in 2015, with the support of the Swedish association for innovation;
  • in 2016, we organised the « WORLD INNOVATION & COSMETIC CLUSTER SUMMIT » between cosmetics clusters and those proposing innovations applicable to the field of cosmetics internationally.

4/ We organise training days and study tours.

For example:

  • Russia: organisation of training for nuclear sciences and aerospace clusters in Dimitrovgrad, including a study tour in France (2015).
  • Romania: provision of training on the emergence of clusters and organisation of a study tour in France, including networking links with French clusters (2015).
  • Palestine: work raising the awareness of 1000 SMEs to cooperation and organisation of a study tour to France, including networking links with French Clusters (2014).
  • Tunisia: training in cluster facilitation skills of the managers to be of future Tunisian clusters (2013).
  • Morocco: training managers on cluster strategy and facilitation tools (2013).

5/ We organise international events.

For example:

6/ We are partners in your events.

For example:

  • We worked, alongside the French embassy in Turkey, to organise a day around innovation, « The French-Turkish Innovation and clusters Forum », to enable the links between Turkish and French « technokents » [clusters in Tunisian] (2015).
  • Organisation of the WORLD INNOVATION & COSMETICs CLUSTER SUMMIT” in the framework of Cosmetic 360 exhibition (2016).

7/ We are the expert at your side for all your projects, such as creating clusters or drawing up public policy concerning clusters.

For example:

  • Cameroon: support in structuring 4 clusters in the following fields: mechanical engineering, wood transformation, cassava growing and processing, rice growing (2015)
  • Republic of Congo: technical assistance in creating 2 new clusters in the poultry growing field and creation of networking links with French business clusters and clusters (2015).
  • Palestine: help in launching the call for projects « émergence de clusters » (cluster emergence) and in defining the structure of 4 clusters (2015).
  • Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon: cluster benchmarking and evaluation and « Cluster Excellence » quality marking (2014).
  • Tunisia: advice to the Minister of Industry in defining the cluster policy and help in creating a national association of Tunisian clusters (2013).


Your Contact for international matters : Lisa Besnard