France Clusters has just published the 5th edition of  its “Mapster”,  the mapping of French clusters

#Mapster 2021 includes almost 300 industrial and services clusters, representing overall 80,000 French companies and their 1,500,000 employees in all sectors and regions of France

It is a unique tool created by France Clusters, which has been published for the first time in January 2017.

Goals :
1 / Boost the visibility of French clusters at national, European and international level
2 / Be the key reference regarding French Clusters
3 / Clearly identify all French clusters :

  • by sector through the thematic index
  • by region through the location map

MAPSTER is published with the support of our partners:

 ANCT / Agence Nationale pour la Cohésion des Territoires
• Territoires d’Industrie
• Banque des Territoires
• Programme VIVALAB de la CNAV
• Interfaces
• THE NEXT SOCIETY / i-Community

Register here to receive the map 

#Mapster2021 / Take your Selfie

Help travel the poster #Mapster 2021 and the French clusters

  1. Take your selfie (you, your team….) in front of the poster #Mapster 2021
  2. Post your selfie on Linkedin and/or twitter mentioning the following:
    #nameofyourcontry loves #frenchindustrialcluster  #Mapster 2021 @FranceClusters
  3. Relay your post in your networks!

Promote your organization and  this “beautiful” French cluster community to your network and around the world!

MAPSTER echoes « Mapster online »

See  Mapster online
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