Découvrez le cluster Nogentech

Dans le cadre du Forum FILEX France, organisé du 12 au 13 septembre, , Veille Magazine vous propose, en soutien avec France Clusters, une série d’articles sur des clusters dont le dynamisme s’appuie sur une histoire industrielle parfois très ancienne et affichent des parcours et des réussites remarquables. Cette fois-ci nous revenons sur la réussite de [...]

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Genopole reinventing its support programs

Geonopole Entreprises has reengineered and reenergized the dynamics of support provided to biotech start-ups on the site  in creating two new programs: Shaker & Booster.  Shaker Program  Services provided by the Shaker are designed particularly for doctoral and postdoctoral students who come up with original ideas and innovative projects during their studies, and relating to applications in healthcare, [...]

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300 participants co-create at the GROW your REGIOn conference !

The 2nd edition of the GROW your REGIOn conference was held from 8 to 9 november 2017. 315 stakeholders  from 25 countries shared their experiences and ideas about future actions for boosting smart interregional collaboration through clusters... 19 topics were discussed among all ideas: Interregional collaboration through clusters is a key tool for supporting innovation, [...]

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The EMILIE project : a sustainable project for small entreprises

The EMILIE project ( Enhancing Mediterranean Initiatives Leading SMEs to Innovation in building Energy efficiency technologies) aims at encouraging SMEs to switch to new energy solutions for buildings. EMILIE intends to contribute at creating preconditions for making access to innovative technologies easier on transnational level. The pilot plants will be open for visits of all [...]

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